In the Gospels we read that the Lord Jesus Christ called His Disciples
to leave everything behind and follow Him. Peter, James & John, Matthew and others left their comfort zone and everything else and followed Him.

After teaching them and being with them for more than three years, Jesus commanded them to go to the utter most of the earth and preach the gospel of the salvation of God to all nations. Like wise, after believing in, serving and following the Lord Jesus Christ for more than a decade, it was made evident to us, me and my wife, by the Lord that we should leave our comfort zone and follow Him where ever He might want us go.

After staying in prayer and seeking the Lord's face, we got a clear message to go to Ethiopia and share the Gospel of the the salvation of God in the Wollo province of Ethiopia. The message was so clear that we will be going to the rural part of Wollo and live among the farmers. "You will be a farmer for the sake of preaching the Gospel."
Thus Farming For The Gospel was created.